CSET Practice Tests

A lot of people are studying for the upcoming CSET Multiple Subjects exam right now and have been discussing what the best way is to prepare. Personally, I think, in addition to reviewing the subject matter, taking as many practice tests as possible is hugely important. I’ve found a number of good sources for both free and low cost CSET practice tests. The first one I’d suggest is the NES Inc. website (they’re the company that administers the CSET). I think the practice tests on this site are probably the closest to what you’ll find on the actual exam, for obvious reasons. A second online source I think is really valuable is the CSET Tutor website. They’re a company that offers prep classes, etc., but they also have a free online CSET practice test that not only gives you your score at the end, but also gives you a breakdown of the specific subjects you need to study, which is pretty cool. A final suggestion would be to check out CSET study guides like Kaplan and Cliffs that include a number of practice tests in addition to review sections. There are also some websites that sell CSET practice tests, but I would steer away from these for the most part. The exams I’ve seen don’t really seem very representative of the kinds of questions you will see on the actual exam, and frankly, if going to spend $20 on a CSET practice test, you might as well buy one of the above mentioned books, which come with better practice tests and include review sections.


One Response to “CSET Practice Tests”

  1. Sara Says:

    I agree. The CSET Tutor site is great, and the readings from the Kaplan study guide helped prepare me well for the questions on it.

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